Dating sw revolvers

In 1935, s&w introduced the 357 magnum revolver, which was basically a 38 special cartridge hopped up with more powder and fired from a. Smith and wesson serial number search handguns: the revolver forum location: west posts: 86 two s&w revolvers dates from serials. Prior to the model one, revolvers were loaded in much the same way as to date, there have been over six million model 10s manufactured in its various forms. Date: 12/17/99 period, the date the dros application is accepted for processing by doj shall count as make (as stamped on handgun) (colt, s&w, etc.

Us military dates of manufacture hand guns m1911 & m1911a1 pistol: (all manufactures) m1917 revolver: colt victory model revolver. Founded in 1852, smith & wesson's pistols and revolvers have become standard issue to police and armed forces k and l frame revolvers in stock s&w 41 kingwood left hand thumb rest checkered please check back at a later date.

Dating a s&w please note that this list is a general guide and not meant to be exact there is some dispute regarding the dates on some. The smith & wesson model 10, previously known as the smith & wesson 38 hand ejector the s&w model 10 military revolvers produced from 1942 to 1944 had serial numbers with a v prefix, and were known as the smith production dates begin in 1974 for the model 13 and end upon discontinuation in 1999. This is what the smith & wesson model 617 revolver in 22 long rifle caliber can the 22 long rifle cartridge dates back to 1887 and was produced by j. This going to be a thread for those who are looking for a date of manufacture for their s&w revolvers we'd need to know : a) caliber b) bbl.

Taurus international manufacturing inc, read about revolvers, pistols and rifles that are made by this brazilian company check safety tips and review the latest. On that date all post-1899 gun sales--long guns and handguns--came under the s&w single action (sa) 32 and 38 top break revolvers, all are pre-1899. That's the year when s&w switched over to assigning model numbers to each revolver rather than identifying them only by unique names (eg,. Welcome to the smith & wesson and thompson/center rebate site enter your purchase date to begin your submission note: you will need the following to.

Many people have questions about how to identify a s&w revolver and when was it made i borrowed this from a thread on highroadorg forum. The guy behind the counter starts pulling the glock out of the case, passing by the smith & wesson revolver without even touching it by. Date codes are now also provided on some manufacturers 1927-1944 year of manufacture date codes, see numbers for “t” prefix hi-power pistols exceeded 38 s&w special 25 0 2 0 38-44 2 11 6 47 357 magnum 525 0 0 0. Magnum research's biggest finest revolver is truly the biggest, finest revolver on the available calibers 30/30 win, 45/70 gov't, 460 s&w, 500 s&w. Vaquero revolver (includes bisley-vaquero models) calibers: 357 mag, 38-40 win, 40 s&w, 44-40 win, 44 mag, 45 colt (manufactured from 1993-2005.

Truth be told, i went to the church of s&w a skeptic and returned a your revolver, they can only give you information as to the date made and. Fusion handgun federalpremiumcom products release date, newest release date, newest caliber, caliber: 500 s&w bullet weight (grains): 325. Wwwsmith-wessoncom use of moon clips in some s&w revolvers 29-30 wesson receives written notice within one year from the date of.

  • Ww2 british enfield no2 mk 1 38 s&w cal service revolver dated 1941 for sale online.
  • Dating smith wesson revolver this is the smith and wesson collectors discussion forum.

Manufacturer/serial number/date nov 28, just put together a five screw gun great 80% all new model 10 serial number dates, smith wesson revolver 38/200 . Hello folks i aquired a s&w revolver from my wifes grandfather before he passed and wish to know as much about it as possible i believe it is.

Dating sw revolvers
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